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McKenzi Norris

Student, developer, and web surfer

Howdy! Thank you for visiting my website. I love designing, developing, and making it the best that I can. Feel free to explore; you will find a brief biography, blog, and a few answered questions about myself. Although simple, I hope you enjoy my website.

This is just one of my projects. I frequently work on new projects across the web, so if you would like to be updated, my blog is the best way to stay updated. All comments or concerns are welcome if you contact me because they help better the experience here.

A few points of interests to know are below, which provide a succinct summary about my website and a little more about who I am. More specific information is likely on my biography page. Again, thank you for visiting; I am delighted when people appreciate it!

I love traveling and learning about history and culture. All of the projects I start are for all of the world to enjoy.

Being in tune with technology allows me to learn and implement new skills like programming and graphic design.

Although most of my projects are part of a simple hobby, they grow to serve a purpose in the community.