McKenzi Norris

A junior at the University of South Carolina (UofSC), I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with leadership distinctions in both Research and Professional & Civic Engagement; I am also focusing in biology. Passions of mine include the natural sciences, technological applications, religion, and politics. On and off-campus alike, I have been involved in various student organizations and activities. My research and graduate interests include infectious disease epidemiology, tropical medicine, and environmental health.




  • Research Assistant @ Laboratory of Vector-Borne and Parasitic Diseases, Sep 2018–Present
  • Resident Mentor @ UofSC Housing, Aug 2018–Present
  • Volunteer Research Assistant @ Mousseau Lab, Nov 2018–Apr 2019
  • Freelance Web Developer, Dec 2014–Sep 2018



  • President & Co-Founder @ Association of Public Health Infectious Disease Students, Oct 2019–Present
  • Member @ American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, May 2019–Present
  • Vice President @ Chabad Student Organization, Oct 2018–Present
  • Member @ Public Health Society, Feb 2019–May 2019
  • Member @ Student IT Advisory Committee, Feb 2018–May 2018
  • President @ Patterson Hall Government, Aug 2017–May 2018

Professional Development

  • Microbiology @ UofSC via Dr. Anil Datt, January–Present
  • Infectious Disease Ecology @ UofSC via Dr. Robert Norman, Dec 2018
  • Close Family Emerging Leaders Program @ UofSC via CarolinaLEAD, Apr 2018
  • Viruses & How to Beat Them: Cells, Immunity, Vaccines @ Tel Aviv University via EdX, Mar 2018

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