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Who are you?

McKenzi, duh.

Why do you have this website?

The website keeps me busy and perhaps helps interested individuals get to know me better.

What do you like to do for fun?

Among others, I particularly enjoy browsing the internet, gaming,  discussing politics, and learning.

What is your favorite subject?

Well, it’s complicated. Technology, biology, medicine, psychology, history, and law are exciting!

What music do you listen to?

Everything. Heh.

What are your future plans?

College is the first on my priority list. I am deciding on a career in medicine, law, or in the technology field.

How did you build this website?

This website was built with Divi by Elegant Themes with the help of a few plugins.

How did you obtain this domain?

I purchased it in early 2015 for $50. I am very fortunate and appreciative that the seller was available and kind. Owning my own first name as a website is mindblowing!

Do you have social media?

Of course. You can follow me on Twitter.

Is this domain for sale?

No, it is not and never will be. Sorry.